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In Hardware Montiel can find a wide range of products for your home, all to help the profesioniar in day to day work. Great deals on products Hardware, Home & Garden. Special stoves this winter. Electricity products at the best price, all brands, Bricolux, Duracell, Bosch and many more in our categories. All news related to the DIY, crafts and care of our garden in our blog.

Ironmongery online Productos.

In the Ironmongery section of our online hardware store you can find any item at the best prices. Is hardware section of our online hardware store is divided into different sections to offer comfort in finding items to our customers. Ferreteria Montiel, the first section will find is the abrasive, abrasives here can buy any type and model. The following section you will find is that of adhesives and here you will find everything in adhesives, sealants, tapes, etc. of the best brands. Following the hardware section the following section is the locksmith here find everything you need in the world of locks and padlocks, locks of any type and model, cranks, light bulbs, etc. We continue with the section on different hardware, in this you can buy boxes, filing cabinets, anchors, safety deposit boxes, wheels, etc. at the best prices. Here we find the Hardware section where you can buy any type of hardware at the best prices and high quality, such as hinges, handles, bezels, brackets, door handles, etc. a variety of models. The next section in the hardware section of our online hardware store is clean, you will find any cleaning product you are looking for, because we have a wide range of products such as degreasers, cement removers, disinfectants, floor scrubbers, etc. The following is the lubricant sections, you will find everything in oils, greases and lubricants useful of the best brands. Following this section we find the section of painting with a wide variety of items for both professionals and amateurs of the highest quality. Continuing in this section the following section is the nuts and bolts, here you can buy any kind of screws, washers, nuts, rivets, etc. depending on their needs. And finally in the hardware section you will find the section of wire drawing, in which we have a grana selection of products such as clamps and cable ties, cable accessories, wires, hooks and sockets, etc.

all our home Ironmongery.

Within our online hardware store is the home section, where we have a large selection of household items from top brands and high quality. The first paragraph in this section is the bathroom, here you have everything you need for the bathroom and furnishings, carpets, curtains, faucets, furniture, etc. to give your bathroom a twist. The next section is the decoration where you can buy a variety of rugs, curtains and blinds, rubber, carpets, etc. at the best prices. The following is the extraction aparatado. Here you will have accessories such as hoods and extractors of the best brands. Another section is the lighting, where there is a large selection of lamps of all types, screens, spotlights, wall and ceiling at favorable prices. Continuing in this section of our online hardware store find the three sections of kitchenware, differentiated kitchen, home and table. In these sections you will find a host of items to add a touch of distinction and comfort to your home and always quality. As in the housewares section is the aparatado PAE, it is also divided into three, personal, electronics and home care. Here you will find the small appliance that is looking for the best brands and prices. Continuing find the section of creative pastries, ideal for pastry lovers, here you can buy all accessories, nozzles, molds, boxes, etc. a variety of types and models.