Naomi Campbell denounces the lack of diversity on the catwalk

The lack of diversity in fashion shows not only note on the catwalks, a study by The Fashion Spot revealed that 77.6% of the models who appeared in the Fashion Weeks in New York, London, Paris and Milan they were white. It is also present in the backstage. This was reported a few weeks ago in social networks Leomie black models and Nykhor Paul Anderson. “Please do not be evil, Take this, but it’s about time for you to do things right when you work with our complexion! Why do I have to bring my own makeup to a professional parade when the other girls do not have to do anything? “Wrote the Sudanese dummy Nykhor Paul on Instagram. To which they just show their support as a fashion model Naomi Campbell pedigree.

The model accused the most important gateways industry does not take into account the needs of women who are not white. In its complaint even he published a long list of ranges makeup that have products that cover all skin types. Including Iman Cosmetics, makeup line founded by model Iman, widow of David Bowie, which is precisely focused on the dark skin was. To this criticism the angel of Victoria’s Secret Leomie Anderson added. From the backstage of New York, the British mannequin shared several photos of makeup: all were bases light color and the only dark did not match his tone so the makeup had to mix several shades to find a base that would serve him to the top. Anderson revealed that after so much evidence she pulled her own makeup bag to end the session.
Given these allegations has added a voice, and a very powerful, Naomi Campell of. The iconic model revealed that she had to also face this situation and complains that after all this time has not yet done anything to alleviate this problem. “When I was young, I spent exactly the same. When I was preparing for the show I ran into me with stylists who had no experience working with black models. I had to always carry my own products -my own makeup and hair- products to be sure they had everything we needed to look as it should. It is very disappointing to hear these days still black models still suffer from the same problem, “complains the top in the youth edition of Vogue.

The British believed that besides regrettable that this happening downplays the efforts Bethann Hardison models like Iman or herself have done to achieve greater diversity. “We are using our voices to encourage industry to be more inclusive in when racial diversity. And that is applied from the casting to have the resources they need for a black model parading “he said., sponsored news pelushop