Both Barcelona and New York are the chosen worldwide luxury cities

Both Barcelona and New York are the chosen worldwide luxury cities

Families and tourists with high purchasing power live in cities like Dublin, Rome, Paris… but New York, followed by Barcelona, both are the two cities chosen by luxury tourists around the globe.

According to the last Condé Nast Johansens Study (700 interviewed people of high purchasing power), this kind of tourist gets in Barcelona all expectations of a successful trip. On the one hand, this tourist  has an approximate income of  €128.000 per year so they typically travel to luxury hotels or cruises with the whole family. In addition, 45% prefer to book the most luxurious room available in a hotel or rent a house in a Luxury Real Estate Barcelona.

A person of average economic level in Spain invests about €1.000 per year in tourist accommodation. Luxury tourism typically spends between €3.500 and €6.500 per year.

Luxury has always been present on New York’s Fifth Avenue, Central Park Hotels, and limousines around the city. However, Barcelona has an incredible offer in luxury real estates, hotels, restaurants, commerce, culture, etc. For that reason, the Spanish city has been listed on a second place in the luxury ranking.

How has Barcelona’s luxury tourism increased so much?

Barcelona has always been an exciting city for tourists everywhere, but especially to the luxury, however it has noticed a growth from the point of view of tourist safety. Many tourists who chose Egypt or Turkey as their destinations, have changed their minds about current insecurity and conflicts in these countries.

Barcelona takes the second position for a perfect combination between its history, its culture, its architectural beauty, its activities of training, sport, sea, nightlife, beaches, easy access through airport or port.


Barcelona is the most tourist destination

Barcelona has grown by 17% in foreign immigration since 2013. Majority of foreigners come from United Kingdom, France, Italy, Germany, The Netherlands and Norway. Other countries interested in Barcelona are those from Russia, Belgium and South Korea.

A luxury hotel industry in Barcelona

Barcelona is the city that offers the most services in the luxury sector, behind Ibiza and Marbella. We can find luxury rooms, luxury apartments, spas, restaurants, clubs…  Paying careful attention to detail is fundamental to luxury tourism and Barcelona knows how to do it.

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